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Euro Diesel (Euro 5 standard) and D2 Fuels

Euro diesel (EURO 5 standard) has less than 10ppm of sulfur content. This is almost 30 times less than ordinary D2 diesel and cetane number is also higher. This means that your engine will run more smoothly and live longer.

EKO recommends the use of Euro diesel Euro 5 standard(according to EN590 standard) from EKO petrol station, made in EU refineries. Using this type of Euro diesel ensures best engine performance in terms of output, consumption and exhaust gas emission.

The basic characteristics of this type of Euro diesel are:

  • Complete prevention of corrosion and environmental pollution due to very low sulfur content
  • Excellent chemical stability
  • Excellent combustion characteristics, higher cetane number – better fuel ignition
  • No mechanical impurities, no water

EKO SERBIA strongly recommends the use of Euro Diesel!

Here your can read the Technical Bulletin Specifications for Diesel Fuel.