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Ekonomy fuels

Don't save the fuel at any cost, save the right way.
Save up to 4% on each full tank.

Following the technologies used in car production, EKO petrol stations offer EKONOMY fuels to drivers, which contain special additives that protect the vehicle's engine, enabling its better and more efficient functioning. By using EKONOMY fuel, drivers can save up to 4% when refueling, which saves up to 2 liters of fuel each time they fill the tank. *

95EKONOMY unleaded petrol and EKONOMY euro diesel bring you 2 Smile points per each liter. With EKONOMY fuel you save on fuel consumption and collect points for great gifts. 

EKONOMY fuels, thanks to a modern additive formulation, in addition to saving 4%, protect the entire system and engine from corrosion, reduce maintenance costs and extend engine life.

Unleaded 95 octane petrol, for all types of petrol engines:
  • Keeps the injection system and valves clean (keeps the engine clean)
  • Removes all existing deposits
  • Significantly reduces friction
  • Prevents shrinkage and formation of deposits in the intake manifold
  • Reduces gas emissions (CO, HC)

Created to meet the expectations of the most demanding drivers, EKONOMY euro diesel can be used for all diesel engines (EURO 5 or older):

  • Improves engine performance thanks to increased cetane number
  • Reduces engine noise by up to 15%
  • Cleans existing deposits and maintains cleanliness on nozzles from the first charge
  • Reduces emissions of soot and unburned particles

* The calculation is based on the example of pouring in the amount of at least 50 liters. The performance of ordinary fuel and the performance of the same fuel enriched with special additives found in 95EKONOMY unleaded petrol and EKONOMY euro diesel are compared. The exact savings may vary depending on the type of vehicle, road conditions and driving style. Fuel savings of 4% were determined by laboratory testing performed by TOTAL ACS France.