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New fuel at EKO petrol stations - EKO Racing 100 RON

EKO Racing 100 revives your passion for driving

EKO Serbia has enriched the offer at its petrol stations with new fuel EKO Racing 100 RON with 50% more additives.

EKO Racing 100 RON is a new generation high technology fuel. It includes innovative components developed by TOTAL ACS and is a modern and safe solution for petrol-powered vehicles. The new advanced 100-octane petrol formula, improving performance, gives a feeling of driving pleasure. How is this achieved? Friction is significantly reduced, which achieves up to 4% higher engine efficiency, compared to conventional fuel of 95 octanes, without special additives, which results in greater power and better acceleration! Also, with the new unleaded petrol EKO Racing 100 RON, you have fuel savings of up to 5%, which is evident from the first refill.

EKO Racing 100 RON is an extremely efficient high-octane fuel and is intended for those who want only the best for their car. The new premium fuel is designed to provide cleanliness for engines of all technologies, with all fuel mixtures, including ethanol. It is also adapted to the new direct injection (GDI) engines.

Turn your driving into ultimate enjoyment. Only at EKO petrol stations.

More information about EKO Racing 100 RON you will find here.