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EKO Smile club

EKO Smile club is a program for rewarding our loyal consumers.

By filling out a simple application for the program, you take over your card immediately and become a member of the club.

Points await you immediately during the first transaction, and the card is immediately active, so that you can start to use it.


With EKO Smile Club card you always gain, because for every purchase at EKO petrol stations you get a certain number of points which are recorded on the card.

Through the purchase of different types of products, bring different number of points. When you collect a certain number of points, you can choose one of the products included in EKO Smile Club catalogue and get it for only 1 RSD and the corresponding number of points shown in the catalogue.

During purchase,  point out to the person at the cash register that you are a member of the club, so that each transaction would be converted into a certain number of points that are available for purchase of promotional products. Your points are valid for 3 years from the moment of recording on the card and there are no limitations to the number of carried out purchases of promotional products of your choice. Information about current balance, i.e. number of points on the card are easily accessible at the point of sale, and you can also track all your transactions through internet application or through Android application on a mobile phone.

More information about the program can be obtained at EKO petrol stations and at website page where  the Rules and Ways of Using the Program are explained in detail.

How can I become a member?


Become a member of EKO Smile club quickly and easily!


Fill in the application at any EKO petrol station, through the Internet or at the EKO Smile Club's promoter.


You will get the card immediately and start collecting points at the same moment. Membership in the club is free, and a single card can be used by several family members in order to collect more points fast and easily and be entitled to greater number of valuable gifts.

One person can have only one card and the card can be used for a maximum of 4 transactions per day. Membership in the club is free, and it provides numerous opportunities for the cardholder to win quality products and services, as well as make savings when shopping at partner companies listed in the catalogue. Unsubscription from the club must be in writing and can be done at any time.


How are gifts collected?


When you decide to buy a particular product from EKO Smile club offer, request it from the employees at the petrol station.


Certain number of products can be immediately collected at the nearest EKO pumps and they will be displayed in a special shelf for promotional products. Promotional products from the catalogue are not available at EKO petrol stations at regular sale, they are intended for users of EKO Smile cards and can be exclusively collected by replacement of an appropriate number of points and the payment of a symbolic amount of 1 RSD at the cash register.

When collecting gifts at the cash register, you must have the card with you to be able to use collected points from the card. Some of the products are not physically located at the petrol station, and for them you get a special voucher with which you can directly collect the gift at the point of sale of our program partners.

Gifts can be sent by collect on delivery to your home address, if this is pointed out in the catalogue or it is an easier way for the cardholder, in which case the cost of sending is borne by the cardholder. What other benefits are provided by the card? Members of the EKO Smile Club can use the card for privileged shopping with discount at program partners. The amount of discount that can be realized in the partner's facilities is listed for each partner individually at the page Program partners.


How do I get points?


We reward you for every purchase by a certain number of points regardless of the type of fuel you take or products or services that you use at the petrol station. *


Collect points very easily - for every purchase, show your EKO Smile Club card at the cash register, slide the card through the terminal and the number of points made by the purchase will be automatically recorded on your card.


Follow our special offers and designations of products from regular sales range because some products can bring you double number of points during promotional periods.

* points in the program are not obtained for the category of cigarettes and top-ups.


For purchase of any kind of derivatives, points are awarded for each litre, and the number of points depends on the type of fuel.  The list of derivatives and the number of points you receive per litre is defined in Table 1. 

For purchases in supermarkets and cafes - at EKO petrol stations, points will be awarded for every purchase in the amount of 50 or 100 RSD. The number of points you obtain for every 100 or 50 RSD depends on the product category and can range from 1 to 5 points. The list of categories in the market and number of points obtained for a certain purchase amount are listed in Table 2.

An example of purchase and the number of collected points is presented in Table 3.