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The Company OLYMPUS PLAZA is a well known food chain opoerating on highways throughout Greece. Highly skilled management ensures the high level of service. Olympus Plaza Food Parks are one of the rare hotelier facilities with HACCP and ISO certificates.

OLYMPUS PLAZA rest areas cover an area of more than 15.000 m² and annualy serve more than 2 million customers.
EKO SERBIA and OLYMPUS PLAZA have jointly built 5 multi service rest areas located on the E-75 higway (Belgrade - Nis): Mali Pozarevac(19km from paytolls B. Potok), Cuprija 1 (145 km from paytolls B. Potok), Cuprija 2 (highway Belgrade- Nis),Vrcin (220 km from pay tolls near Nis) and Zednik 2 (highway Subotica- Belgrade on 34 km).