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P 996
, multifunctional additive for gasoline

P 996 is a multifunctional additive, of the newest generation, which contains a friction modifier. The optimized formula has influence on consumption reduction. It improves the gasoline to which it is added in terms of detergent and anti-corrosive properties.

Additive P 996 has been checked and tested. It has been used in several countries for several years (Asia, South America, Europe), on different vehicles and for different gasoline gradations.

P 996 enables the following advantages, which has been proved by laboratory research and confirmed by tests on the roads:

- significantly reduces deposits on the valves and intake manifold (cleaning).
- fuel economy (up to 4 % depending on the relation between the dosage and vehicles).
- maintains cleanliness of fuel intake system (carburetor or nozzles, valves and intake manifold).
- greater driving pleasure (better ignition, stable idling time, uninterrupted engine operation and equalization of acceleration).
- protects the fuel intake system from corrosion.
- reduces vehicle maintenance costs.

P 996 does not affect other gasoline properties (octane index, oxidation stability, deemulgation).

P 996 is an ash-free additive without halogenated compounds, it does not contain neither metals nor organic metals.

P 996 is suitable for treating gasoline which contains up to 20% of ethanol.