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You can find 2 types of motor gasoline at Eko petrol stations:

Lead-free gasoline EVRO PREMIJUM BMB 95- 95 EKONOMY

Characteristics of this type of gasoline are completely in compliance with requirements of European standard EN 228 and Serbian standard SRPS EN 228.

Characteristics of this type of gasoline are additionally improved by adding multifunctional additives of new generation P996 of renowned producer TOTAL.

Here you can add all additional improvements achieved by using the additives.

Lead-free gasoline EVRO BMB 100 - EKO RACING 100

High-octane fuel with octane number 100 and 50% more additives.

Compared to the standard fuel type EURO BMB 95 without additives, this premium petrol, owing to the innovative composition of the additives including the friction modifier, provides the following top benefits to the end user:

  • Unbeatable cleanliness and engine protection

The advanced technology and detergent properties of EKO Racing 100 RON fuel reduce deposits on valves and injectors from the first filling of this fuel, showing premium purification.

  • Great fuel savings up to 5%.

With the new unleaded petrol EKO Racing 100 RON, you will make maximum fuel savings, which is evident from the first refill. The reduction in fuel consumption is the result of reduced friction inside the engine and cleaning of the intake valves and injectors.

  • Maximum engine protection

The excellent detergent properties of EKO Racing fuel, combined with a significant reduction in friction and special anti-corrosion additives, contribute to smooth engine operation, easier driving, optimal performance over a long period of time, protection of engine parts from corrosion and reduced maintenance costs.

  • Up to 4% more power **

The high-tech fuel of the new generation EKO Racing 100 RON ensures maximum efficiency of your engine. You get a better start, better engine performance without interference, more power and increased acceleration.

  • Premium performance for cars with direct injection

The development of petrol engines inevitably goes towards the development of direct injection technology for new vehicles. The EKO Racing 100 RON meets these ever-changing requirements and copes with the challenges by adapting to the new engines of the GDI concept (Gasoline Direct Injection).

**up to 4% higher power, compared to unleaded 95 octane petrol without additives, based on measurements by authorized laboratories abroad and based on an average density difference of 0.75% between unleaded 100 octane petrol and unleaded 95 octane petrol.

More information about EKO Racing 100 RON you may find here.

EKO Racing 100 RON was developed in cooperation with EKO and TOTAL ACS