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How to change a tyre


The car owner’s manual explains where the jack and the spare tyre are found. We have to make sure that the spare tyre is properly inflated and that we have all the necessary tools before setting off for our destination, so that in case we have a blowout tyre we may replace it and continue our trip.
Let’s start!


Difficulty level: Easy
Step 1. We choose the right spot to park
  • We park our car at a spot where we are secure from passing vehicles. We try to make sure that we are at spot that is visible from some distance by passing cars. We choose a flat spot, because it not safe to change a tyre on an inclined surface. 
  • We turn on the warning lights. 
  • We put the reflective triangle at least 30 to 50 metres in front of our vehicle, ensuring that it will be visible to passing cars. 
Step 2. We take the tools out of the car
  • We take the tools from the car (spare tyre, jack, socket spanner) and place them near the tyre we are going to change. 
  • If we wish we put on our gloves and place blocks under the tyre opposite the one we are going to change. We may substitute the blocks with big stones. 
Step 3. We loosen the wheel bolts or nuts.
  • We remove the hubcap. Some cars do not have hubcaps, and for this reason consult the owner’s manual for more information. 
  • Using the socket spanner, we start to loosen the wheel bolts. Sometimes it is difficult to loosen the wheel bolts. In such a case we may exert  greater pressure, by standing on the socket spanner. 
  • Attention: We do not remove the wheel bolts. We just loosen them. 
Step 4. Using the jack, we raise the vehicle.
  • We consult the owner’s manual to find out where the jacking points are. Usually the jack is placed on some flange in the car frame; usually in front of the back wheels, or behind the front wheels. 
  • We position the jack under the car and raise it until it has contact with the flange. 
  • We make sure that the jack is in the correct place. 
  • We raise the jack so that the tyre may be about 15 cm from the ground. 
  • We continue to raise the jack until the tyre clears the ground and is some 15 cm above the ground. 
Step 5. We remove the blowout tyre
  • We remove the wheel bolts or nuts and place them on the side. 
  • We remove the blowout tyre. 
Step 6. We put the new tyre in place
  • We lift the spare tyre and put it in place, lining up the bolts with the holes. We make sure that it is firmly in place. 
  • We place the wheel nuts in place and tighten them, but not fully. The aim is to keep the tyre in place as we lower the car. 
Step 7. We lower the car
  • We lower the car until the four wheels touch the ground. 
  • We consecutively tighten (preferably crisscross) the wheel nuts 
Step 8. We remove the tools
  • We put the blowout tyre in the place of the spare tyre. 
  • We put the jack, the socket spanner and the reflective triangle in their place. 
  • We check if we have forgotten anything. 
  • We continue our trip. 
What we need:
  • A properly inflated spare tyre 
  • A reflective triangle 
  • A jack 
  • A socket spanner 
  • A screw driver 
  • A fluorescent jacket (optional) 
  • Blocks (optional) 
  • Gloves (optional) 
  • Torch (optional) 
Have a good trip!!!