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How to face winter difficulties and more!

The better equipped we are, the easier we may face any unforeseen problems we may encounter.

However, some things are absolutely necessary and obligatory.

Make sure that you always have in your car the following items:
  • A reflective triangle
  • A first-aid kit
  • A fire extinguisher
  • Tools (a jack, a socket spanner to loosen wheel bolts)
  • A spare tyre in good condition
  • A fluorescent jacket and a plastic mackintosh
  • Work gloves
  • A torch
  • Non-skid chains (if you are going to snowy places)
And for car enthusiasts:

Spare cables, lambs, towing equipment, spray, fuses etc.

The only way to avoid having the unpleasant experience of a car break-down on the road is to maintain and service your car regularly. Before setting out for a trip and during the winter, every week we should check the following:
  • The anti-freeze level in the radiator and the expansion tank
  • The oil level in the engine
  • The lighting and indicators system
  • The window wiper system
  • The battery
  • The liquids for hydraulic steering, the clutch and the brakes
  • The tyres and the reserve tyre