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Mobile telephone and driving

Mobile telephone and driving
  • Drivers must not use hand-held mobile phones whilst a vehicle is in motion. 
  • Where it is necessary to have access to a phone it must be of the hands free type. 
If it is required for a driver to have access to a mobile phone whilst a vehicle is in motion this should be of the hands-free type (an installed hands free or a blue tooth that allows answering without touching the phone and not other type of ear phones) and it should only be used in emergency situations e.g. in a crisis situation to make outgoing calls and to briefly acknowledge incoming calls. If it is necessary to hold a conversation with the caller, the driver should pull over, when it is safe to do so and continue the call, alternatively, the caller should be told the driver will call back later at a convenient time. 

When driving ð Stop talking 

When you phone a mobile always ask if they are driving 

Best Practise: 

  • Pull over at safe location to make calls
  • Switch off phone while on the road
  • Leave clear message on voicemail
Source: Hellenic Peroleum Cyprus